Full of the side effects of the existing tumor treatment method? Maybe we will offer a totally new strategy in the future!

Severe side effect of cancer cure (Children’s Cancer Center)

As a potential carrier system of cancer drugs

The Nano-Robot recognize cancer cells

The Sgc8 fragment , component of the nano-ship’head, can specifically distinguish, orientate the position of cancer cells and kill it by releasing cancer drug loaded by the head of the nano-ship and the local high temperature generated by tail swing.

As a potential early diagnostic reagents and contrast agent for tumor

Brain magnetic resonance imaging (《NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC》)

It has specific recognition and high affinity for cancer cells, even if it is not used for loading drug, it also can be a early diagnostic reagents and contrast agent for tumor. Under the action of magnetic field, they can surround the tumor tissue to form a magnetic ball, so that it can be detected by magnetic resonance scanner, which provides the possibility for the early diagnosis of tumor. Besides, the tumors is surrounded by the magnetic ball, MRI of the image can clearly and accurately reflect the scale and morphology of tumors.